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My top priority is making Doraville sustainable and successful for generations to come. Together, let’s keep up the momentum! 

— Mayor Donna Pittman

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Bold Progress Together

It is an honor serving as the Mayor of Doraville. What makes our city unique is its diversity and how neighbors truly care about one another. Together, we have made tremendous progress and the future is even brighter. The redevelopment of the former General Motors Plant to the mixed-use site it is becoming is a shining example of urban revitalization. “Assembly,” which is now the home to Serta Simmons and Third Rail Studios, also recently unveiled that it will be offering the first autonomous vehicles in the Southeast. This type of economic development will serve as a catalyst for success throughout the entire city of Doraville.

Leadership takes collaboration and through my relationship building with the DeKalb County school system, we have a new elementary school being built and a promise of forthcoming renovations to our existing schools.

We’ve made many improvements in city services. With the SPLOST funds, we are paving more streets than our city has seen in a decade. In the last several years we have made significant investments in our police department. Today, they have a new RMS/CAD system, new bodycameras, new in-car cameras, and they are replacing an aging fleet of patrol cars.

As Mayor, our city has been a safe city. Continuing to practice community-oriented policing is important. Being a livable city for all our citizens is based on neighbor-to-neighbor shared goals and aspirations. I will continue to be a mayor that is approachable and listens to your ideas. I believe in combining vision with action and staying on course to accomplish mainstay priorities. Among my priorities are continuing to work aggressively to protect and preserve our neighborhoods, attracting new businesses across our city, and making Doraville a place for all ages to enjoy life—from our babies to our seniors. This will be accomplished by working together as one team, building upon our successes.

As the campaign progresses, we will continue this dialogue. Stay Tuned!

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