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My top priority is making Doraville sustainable and successful for generations to come. Together, let’s keep up the momentum! 

— Mayor Donna Pittman

Vision Forward

As your Mayor, I’m very proud of the progress we have made. When I was first elected Mayor, the GM Plant stood dormant. That has all changed. Today, we stand proud, from leading the way and creating new opportunities with major corporations opting to locate their headquarters in Doraville, to being the first in the Southeastern United States to unveil autonomous vehicles at the “Assembly” project. We are on our way! I am running for re-election to build upon the progress we have made together. But I cannot do this alone. I need you with me on this journey every step of the way because we are One Doraville.

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Economic Development

I will work to strengthen positive economic development across our city by attracting good-paying jobs that cater to a multitude of skill sets.


Beautiful Community

I’ll continue working to protect our property values while keeping our community beautiful.

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Support our police

I pledge to support our police department by providing our officers with the tools essential to keeping Doraville safe.

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Welcoming city

Doraville should be a welcoming city to everyone who visits and puts down roots. I will work to strengthen relationships and encourage more community involvement from our diverse residents.


Arts community

I will support our city’s growing arts community by encouraging a positive and productive environment. 

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Senior citizens

Our senior citizen community in Doraville brings so much to the table, from knowing our history to mentoring our young. As Mayor, I will continue to support programs and services like seniors day, senior recreational centers and senior living.


Pedestrian friendly

Over the next four years I will advocate for walking and bike trails along with making the city as a whole more pedestrian friendly.



Doraville is home to many rambunctious furry friends. I will work to get our city a new dog park.


Holiday celebration

I will continue to support our great community events like the annual Holiday celebration and Movies Under the Stars.


Responsive & accountable

Being accessible, responsive and accountable to you have been hallmarks of my tenure as Mayor. I will be launching a quarterly “Coffee with the Mayor” roundtable to remain connected to you.

Help Us Get Out The Vote!

With your generosity we will be able to effectively convey our positive message.